jerryjammerge3Proudly Presents...Project "G.A.K."


Translation: "G.A.K." stands for "Guitars And Kids"

Mission: Donate/place guitars in the hands of underprivileged kids across the world and enable them to know the gift of music –and playing it.

Objective: Long term objective is to reach 500 children annually. Guitars to be "gifted" during the month of December.


A Note From Jerry...

At a very early age, I was given my fathers old "hand-me-down" guitar. It was more of a toy than anything but it was still able to hold "tune", ring out a song, and cause my interest and commitment level to grow in the instrument.

After a couple years of this and many trips to my local guitar shop playing every guitar I could get my hands on, my father was convinced of my desire to stick with guitar and he eventually handed me my own brand new acoustic. This guitar became more of a friend than an instrument. Little did he know it would become a life long companion.

Looking back in time, I now realize how (financially) difficult it must have been for my father to be able to give this wonderful gift. I was blessed.

Unfortunately, thousands of children all over the world have hidden talents that never "reach the surface" because they don't have a guitar or the appropriate tools they need to nourish their creative talents. Circumstances beyond their control inhibit their potential and the chance to be heard. There are literally musical geniuses that go undiscovered due to poverty and the lack of


resources and instruments to build talents upon. Many youngsters have never even had the privilege of "letting their talents out". Imagine Mozart's music being confined only to his mind – and never to be heard by the world. This would be a terrible loss.


Project "G.A.K."

The purpose of Project G.A.K is to "reach out" to underprivileged children and open the doors to the potential they have within themselves as young guitarists and "budding" musicians.

As we embark on this wonderful journey and opportunity to reach "kids" and their hidden talents, we will in the early stages consult with local directors of various youth organizations such as school marching bands, principals, church youth-group directors (all denominations are considered) and other local youth centers.

Candidates and recipients for Project G.A.K. are selected by consulting with directors of these organizations who can with a degree of certainty help determine who is indeed a potential candidate for a guitar and free lessons.


Corporate Participation

Project "G.A.K." was founded by Jerry Wyatt in 2010. If you or your company would like to be considered as a sponsor for this program or any of the LGFAE systems , please contact Jerry personally at:

– Jerry Wyatt –


Final Thoughts...

Throughout my life, I've spent many crisp nights by a campfire, sitting next to my children and wife, or watching a sunset – all with a guitar in my hand.

I am honored to have this unique chance to bring music to the lives of youngsters.

Portions of all Learn Guitar Fast And Easy (the course) profits are used to provide free lessons as well as other learning tools for guitarists all over the world. Recipients of a guitar through Project "G.A.K" will receive the Learn Guitar Fast And Easy courses ("The Bridge" and "Full Blown") at no charge.

I am a husband and proud parent of two wonderful children. They too are young musicians and artists.

I hope that you will be enriched by Project "G.A.K." and the Learn Guitar Fast And Easy System. Let the music out!






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