"The 3 Rules & The Top 10 Problems"

by Jerry Wyatt
[Excerpt From Platinum Series]


What We're About To Cover In This Article:

– "Cross Relation Syndrome"

– "The 3 Rules"

– "The Top 10 Problems"


At this point, I'm assuming you've already been through "The Bridge" and have familiarized yourself with "The 3 Rules". If not... at a minimum I suggest you read the few paragraphs leading up to "The Bridge". It will take you less than 2 minutes to do it.

You can do that very easily by clicking on "The 3 Rules" image below and then selecting Step #2. It's good... it's free... and IT WILL HELP YOU! You can always come back here and read this free report or (as I suspect)... read it now! ;-)




For the life of me, I DO NOT understand why in the world so many courses, teachers, or schools totally neglect stressing the importance of The 3 Rules and eliminating the Top 10 Problems. Understanding these things help so much with a term I call "Cross Relation".



You'll learn more about "Cross Relation" and how to use it as we go along but in a nutshell, it can be summarized as this:



Cross Relation is the concept of one or more problems (or solutions) being linked to one another in group of problems (or solutions). Cross Relation can either work to a guitar players disadvantage – or advantage. Simply put, progress overcoming one problem (more often than not) eliminates another related problem in the group. This causes "forward momentum", quicker gains, and progress across the entire group. Cross Relation can also work in reverse (unfortunately) for a player with an ego that refuses to accept this simple concept but instead chooses to be passive with old "locked down" thinking. In other words, left unattended, one problem in the group can "hold on" to another that is related to another and to another. This can lead to further problems, limited progress, discouragement and the feeling of defeat (see The Human Failure Trigger).


I think it's safe to say that many instructors don't know about these things – or they just over complicate them and don't want you to understand!

Surely couldn't be because they want to keep their hands in your bank account, could it? Hmmmmmmmm.....



"What a cool sound...and not because I'm good, but because you are a great teacher. Another student said it best I think...he commented your lessons and style of teaching have a "brilliant simplicity". Can't wait for the next lesson. Thanks for everything".

– Steve (LGFAE Student)


Nearly 90% of all guitar players out there have never seen the unusual way you actually use The 3 Rules (and 24 other unusual things in this course).

Keywords: "Use. These. Three. Rules".



As a guitarist for over 30 years now, I'm always amazed when I ask another guitar player if they can actually explain the 3 Rules and how to use them to CRUSH the Top 10 Problems all players face.

Most players can't do it! The ones that can are most likely the ones you enjoy listening to on the radio or seeing in concert.... THEY GET IT!

Alright, I think you're starting to get the importance of the topic at hand. Let's move on to a little secret...


Here it is...


There are 10 common problems that wreck a person when they are trying to advance in their guitar playing.


Not 100!

Not 50...

Not 200...


Getting the idea that number (10) is important?

It's huge in the "importance department" because the fact is, these ten problems are often (here's that term again) "Cross Related". One problem typically links to one or more to the other.

They keep many guitar players confused, stuck, or unable to get their fingers to connect –with what their brain is trying to get done!

I can tell you (without doubt)

Once you conquer these ten problems you can't help being an actual guitarist ...instead of somebody just hacking around on the guitar.

Lights just come on ...and so do the results!

Let's take a look at "The Top 10 Problems".

You can check and see if they apply to you as well.



The Top 10 Problems All Players Face...


#1 "I want to be able to figure out my favorite songs and guitar solo's but I don't understand how to do what I see or hear being done!" (Very Common)

#2 "I get confused with music theory - it's overwhelming!!"

#3 "I have trouble playing barre chords or understanding them!"

#4 "I don't know how to play or make up my own cool leads or guitar solo's - how do you do it?"

#5 "I know some scales, but they don't sound like music - they just sound like boring scales!!" (This one is huge!)

#6 "I get lost easy and don't know what to do (or where to go)!"

#7 "I want to play all over the neck of the guitar – I don't know how!"

#8 "How do you know where to play a solo on the guitar without having to use a bunch of confusing tab?"

#9 "All I do is play the same old thing – I'm bored to death!!"

#10 "I'm sick of paying for private lessons that I forget by the time I get home!" (Very Common)


Do Any Of Those Sound Familiar?

Are any of those things sabotaging your playing? Rest assured, they are there and holding you back but... you're not alone my friend.

I know...

It's enough to drive you nuts!

It drives all of us players crazy -

...that is, until you discover just how easy it is to bypass all the confusion and stop feeding the problems listed above.

Oddly enough, many players don't realize they are plagued by some of these problems until they start seeing things open up like wild! Then it's like a huge AHHHH-HAAAA moment!

You know the drill... You practice until your fingers hurt or they feel like they're bleeding and there you sit... not much further than you were weeks or even years ago.

More often than not, you're confused about WHAT to do just to move ahead just a little in your guitar playing.

The Learn Guitar Fast And Easy System is designed to literally mutilate these problems faster than you've ever imagined. Take a look at some of the student testimonials shown by clicking the home image below and selecting Step #2.

These are ALL real life people just like you and I.

Like these folks, you can be a much better player (naturally) without draining your bank account and nerves on crazy gimmicks and false promises.

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I've played guitar for about 13 years and I worked in a music store for two. Throughout that time, I've never had anyone explain music to me so simply and fun. You seem to be a down-to-earth type of guy unlike some of the heavy metal show offs on the internet and I really enjoy getting your lessons. You show an original sincerity for your students to learn and that's what attracted me.

Chris Donahue